Our Mission

"To encourage movement and companionship with seniors

while teaching the next generation of young people the value of volunteerism"..

Inter-Generational Activities

Lives Revived & Memories Survived

The home of Mrs. Jones for most of her life

Google Earth

Let me share my greatest moment yet. I was with a lady who I am going to refer to as Ms. Jones, who is 85 years old. We put the headset on the resident. We started “Google Earth.” Typed in the correct address the family had provided. Ms. Jones, who  has Alzheimer’s & doesn’t speak very coherently or very much these days. In seconds Ms. Jones was in the front yard of her home from 70 years ago. It took almost no time at all for her to recognize her home. Spinning around & being able to see the same home she saw every day outside her home for years growing up. Mrs. Jones said "see, I told you we'd be home before dark" like she was speaking to her sibling 70 years ago. Ms. Jones was talking almost as clear as day. Like she was talking to her sibling. This elicited tears from everyone around & a few that have heard the story. 

Another amazing miracle of a story, we'll call the resident Mr. Smith. He worked at McDonnell Douglas his entire life building parts for the International Space Station. Imagining what it would be like in space. Doing a monotonous job. Dreaming. Virtual Reality helped him live his dream of experiencing the peaceful expanse of space. The moment the game entered into the International Space Shuttle, Mr. Smith was instantly weightless. An 85 year old man who had never played a video game in his life, ended up playing a video games for over 8 hours. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Google Tilt Brush

A woman with severe arthritis was able to experience the joy of drawing again through Google Tilt Brush. Although her hands could no longer hold a pen, she was able to sign her name in a three-dimensional environment.