Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the most difficult experience to explain without actually experiencing it, operating the headset on your own head. I know these are just screenshots about an inch in size. Now imaging your entire field of vision being all the surroundings visible in real life. Where the screen moves with your head. Turn to the left & your entire field of vision turns to the left with you. Or to the right, looking down or up to the sky's & that will be your entire view.

When your entire field of vison is the tourist attraction you're visiting virtually, your mind actually gets convinced that your body is there at the attraction. that you can actually reach out & touch the surroundings, you're convinced you can speak to the people who are also visiting the attraction at the same time.

All images made possible through Google, specifically Google Earth.

There are a few genuine photos taken with my phone, that I have on my phone from visiting). 

Eiffel Tower

Las Vegas Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower